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Heat Trap, established in 2011, is a WA company that provides innovative technical solutions to all sectors of industry to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of workers in Australia’s hottest climates.



Our team of dedicated engineers, plumbers, and technicians is committed to developing simple yet effective cooling technologies that enhance safety and reliability across a variety of industries.

From the rugged environments of mining sites to the precise conditions required in medical facilities, our advanced cooling solutions are meticulously designed to deliver essential temperature control, crucial for smooth operation and reliability. This dedication to quality and precision ensures that our clients not only meet their operational needs but also exceed them, achieving enhanced efficiency and performance, driving their industries forward.

Whether safeguarding complex equipment from overheating or maintaining strict temperature parameters necessary for medical applications, Heat Trap stands as a trusted partner in enhancing industry safety and productivity through innovative engineering.


Our Result Proven Process


Talk to our team about your problem. We help you get to the root cause of it


Collaborating on a cost-effective solution using our tech and your infrastructure


We manufacture and deliver the products and we can provide installation solutions

Trevor Stoney



Former Manager of farming operations spanning 70,000 acres and a major figure in the Agricultural Industry as well as a Director of Carbon Conscious and AACL.

Ashley Challenor


Managing Director

A West Australian Engineer with extensive experience in management and innovation in Mining, Manufacturing and Construction. Ashley is developer of the concept of continuous circulation for emergency safety showers (2015), resolving issues of scalding water and Legionella bacteria.

Graham Challenor



A Master Plumber and Gas Technician especially adept in building, installing, and maintaining water-temperature regulation systems at on-site as well as factory locations

Paul Griffiths


Business Development Manager

Business Consultant with experience in the Mining Industry and a background in philosophy (PhD), specializing in effective communication of complex parameters and requirements, analysing and addressing client needs.


Heat Trap changed direction in 2015 when Rio Rail requested our help at their Cape Lambert and Karratha locations, in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

They required assistance for managing Legionella Bacteria and high water temperature in their Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations (eyewash showers). 

Heat Trap resolved these issues with continuous water circulation:


  1. from a chiller,
  2. to connected eyewash showers,
  3. through a UV sterilizer,
  4. back to the chiller, to maintain the ideal temperature.
 Heat Trap provided Rio Rail with chillers supplying safe and sterile, tepid water to the eyewash safety showers in all of RIO Rail’s Coastal facilities.


We received more requests from mine sites in the Pilbara region, as the problems experienced by Rio Rail were far from unique. In fact, we learnt that it is commonplace for safety shower water temperatures to go unregulated across all of Australia.


The mind-boggling reality is that absent a similar solution, workers throughout Australia and the rest of the world may currently be subject to unacceptable and unnecessary risks.

The Scope of the ‘Safety Shower Problem’

International Safety Standards (including Australian Safety Standards) require that, when handling hazardous materials, eyewash safety showers must provide tepid flushing fluid within one second of a valve being operated.  


We became aware in 2015 that the vast majority of safety showers installed in outdoor locations in Australia are likely unusable and can actually cause harm when they are needed, with:

When accidents happen, consequences can be horrific and catastrophic.


Heat Trap Chillers—tried and tested for nearly a decade—are now servicing over 400 safety showers across Australia, making Heat Trap proudly the premium provider through whom Australia’s largest mining companies are achieving compliance with the Australian Safety Standard AS4775.

And we are just getting started.

Over 8000 safety showers and eyewash stations remain in Australia that may pose unacceptable risks during the warmer months.

Contact us to book an obligation-free audit on your safety showers:


With your help, we aim to resolve this serious problem. And your help really is needed to spread awareness of this problem.

And the Heat is a Problem for More Than Just Safety Showers…

As we investigated conditions in the Pilbara in 2015, we became aware of more problems posed by our climate’s high temperatures. Basic sanitation needs were also going unmet, and in more than one way.

Heat Trap resolves these problems with Chillers and Reverse Osmosis Treatment Systems, allowing industry to adapt to inhospitable environments.

See our Water Chiller:

Solutions to Boost Productivity

Cool-Off Systems

In 2019, Heat Trap engaged with water temperature problems at the Telfer mining village. Management wanted cold showers for workers to recuperate from the conditions. Heat Trap installed Cool-Off Systems to workers’ dongas, each giving cold showers to up to 12 people, twice a day, boosting well-being and morale.

Water Vest Chillers

In 2020, Heat Trap’s partners Accumax required assistance with water-vest coolers. Their client, FMG at Cloudbreak, needed a better alternative to the evaporative and ice-cooled vests Boilermakers wear to mitigate the intense heat in the mine’s bucket repair shop.

Working time had been severely restricted to bouts of 15 minutes, with workers requiring 45 minutes to recuperate from the heat every hour. Heat Trap developed a Water Vest Chiller and fitted specially designed vests with continuous circulation of cooled water via hoses up to 40m long for mobility.

Our solution was 100% effective. Workers no longer needed to take breaks from the heat due to the vests’ profound effects on regulating body temperature.

In addition to affording relief to workers in extreme conditions, Water-Vest Chillers are ideal for assisting in recovery from heat stroke and reducing chronic heat stress, making them an excellent treatment option for First Aid Offices.

Making work-in-the-heat safer, much more efficient and comfortable, our Water-Cooled Vests increase thermal work limits by 60%. In 65% humidity, typical of a Pilbara summer, unrestricted thermal work limits see increases in ambient temperatures from 40°C to 48°C.


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What our Clients Say

What industries do you serve?

We provide innovative water cooling solutions for a range of industries including mining, medical, and other critical environments where temperature control is essential for safety and productivity.

Our cooling systems are designed for minimal maintenance. Continuous circulation systems eliminate stagnant water and reduce bacteria growth, which in turn lowers the need for frequent maintenance. We also offer fully flushed and self-draining systems to save on maintenance time and costs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and after-sales service for all our products. Our team of engineers, plumbers, and technicians is available to assist with installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your cooling systems.

Yes, our cooling solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of different industries and specific site requirements. We collaborate with our clients to design and implement custom solutions that enhance safety and productivity.

You can get a free consultation by contacting us at 1300 722 715 or [email protected]. Our team will diagnose your problem, design a cost-effective solution using our technology and your infrastructure, and deliver the products along with installation solutions if needed.