Industry Chiller

Heat Trap Solar’s Safety Chiller


Heat Trap Solar’s innovative Chiller design is the perfect solution to problems faced by several companies across Australia. Bacteria growth, water loss and high temperatures are just some of the many problems.

It is these very high temperatures that cause cause a number of injuries and intensifying previously sustained injuries.

At temperatures above 50oC, workers can be exposed to scalds and burns and also increase risk of illness. Bacteria growth above 50oC becomes uncontrollable and the chance of contracting an illness increases exponentially. 


What is Legionella?


Legionella is a potentially dangerous strain of bacteria that when exposed to humans can lead to infection and disease. Once contracted, a person can then catch Legionnaire’s disease which requires professional screening to diagnose. These visits to the doctor can incur numerous bills and lead to becoming expensive for a single patient.

In hot, arid climates (for example Australia’s Pilbara region), potable water sources can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Thousands of bacteria colonies can grow in a matter of days and become uncontrollable if allowed to sit stagnant at temperatures exceeding 50oC.

Heat Trap Solar has provided the solution to control the rapid growth of dangerous bacteria and lower severely high temperatures. Heat Trap Solar’s innovative Chiller is the solution to reduce the water temperature from stagnant water sources to a safe temperature. The Chiller also lowers CFU (Colony-forming units) to approximately 150-200 units, well below the safety requirements of 1000 CFU/Litre set by the World Health Organisation (WHO)!

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