How it Works

Chiller Design


The Industry Safety Shower Chiller designed and built by Heat Trap solar in conjunction with RIO TINTO work on the basic principle of injecting a streak of cold sterilized water into the oncoming stream of hot water coming from hot potable water sources.

This design allows it to lower it to a safe temperature whilst also lowering the CFU counts of bacteria strains to well below the required safe level.

Heat Trap Solar’s safety shower chiller also features a number of features that improve the functionality of the unit. The system contains no dead legs and stagnant water is constantly in turbulent motion by using a re circulation mechanic.

The chiller has a UV Sterilizer that ensures bacteria growth is minimized where it counts most. On top of this, as the chiller reduces the amount of aerosols produced. Aerosols can leads to scalds and further damage, not to mention contain far more bacteria on average.


Excelling Beyond Industry Standards


Heat Trap solar have made the system versatile and flexible such that it can connect to most existing system. We aim to build specifically for mine-sites, reaching around Australia and internationally as well! Our system is also capable to supplying enough water to power 2 safety showers simultaneously, at 200L/mind for 15 minutes. 

The ability for a system to not need regular repair and maintenance reduces cost on facilities across a site. This is part of what makes Heat Trap Solar’s Safety Shower Chiller an invaluable asset. Weekly flushing ensures that the system remains bacteria-free and ready for immediate usage at all times! Residual chlorine from flushing also helps further with controlling bacteria growth in the water supply!

Combined with flushing the lines with a turbulent flow and reducing the hydraulic shock when the device opens. This will significantly reduce the amount of bacteria sloughed off the fringes of the bio-film within the pipework.