About us


About Us

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Heat Trap Solar is a privately-owned local business in Osborne Park with a vision for providing the local Australian Community with an affordable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuel hot water systems and excellent customer service.

Alongside our popular hot water systems, Heat Trap Solar also manufactures industry grade Safety Shower Chillers in conjunction with RIO TINTO to ensure the safety of mine site workers across the country.

Where did we come from?

Born out of the vision of 3 West Australian businessmen, the team at Heat Trap wanted to create a simple and high-quality system at affordable prices. Recently we have discovered a problem in industry, that being the severely high temperature in stagnant water systems on-site around the nation.

This can lead to serious issues with bacteria growth and scalding temperature in the safety showers used on these sites. To remedy the situation Heat Trap Solar used our innovative design of our safety shower chillers to control bacteria growth up to 95% and reduce temperature to a much safer level.

Where to from here?

In the future Heat Trap is looking forward to working with more companies, like RIO TINTO, to provide workers in industry with piece of mind knowing that high-grade equipment has been installed in their safety facilities.

In unison with our ambition to reach more companies with our high-quality safety equipment, we are still striving to provide local Australians with superior customer service and high quality Hot Water Systems.

What have we achieved?

Heat Trap Solar has been the proud recipient of several awards over the years we have been in business. Just some of our awards are listed below:

Hot water system awards: • Winner of 2013 Energy Saving Product of the year Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA and Building Commission Awards for Excellence.

Safety Shower Chiller Awards: • 2016 National Safety Awards of Excellence National Safety Council of Australia • Winner of 2016 Energy/Water Saving product of the year Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA Awards for Excellence • Runner-up 2016 Australian Technologies Competition – Mining Technology The Award recognize those technologies with global potential that provide solutions to the mining industry or are from the industry and have global potential.