Flo-Thru Safety Shower


Flo-Thru Safety Shower

A fully flushed and self-draining combination eye/facewash safety shower comprising dual 3-way valves in a base manifold supplying tepid water to eye/facewash and deluge dispensers.

  • Fully flushed with no dead legs holding stagnant water
  • Circulated cooled and sterilizer water passes through the Flo-Thru safety shower’s base header back to the chiller
  • Self-draining, doesn’t leave any evaporation salt deposits to clog dispensers
  • Auto opening stainless steel eye-facewash basin cover
  • AXIOM eye-facewash dispensers

The Heat Trap Flo-Thru Eye/Face Wash Safety Shower is a fully flushed and self-draining combination safety shower comprising dual 3way valves in a base manifold supplying tepid potable water to HAWS Axiom eye/facewash and HAWS deluge dispenser.

Assembly and Commissioning

The HTS Flo-Thru eye/face wash combination safety shower is fully assembled and pressure tested in the factory. The assembled Flo-Thru safety shower is also tested for flow and conformance with AS4775.

  • HAWS deluge dispenser 75 L/min at 90 kPa dynamic pressure
  • HAWS Axiom Eye/Face wash dispenser 15L/min at 90 kPa dynamic pressure
  • Dual 3 way valves located close-coupled on a flow through manifold
  • Specially designed without dead legs to suit HTS Safety Shower Recirculation Technology
  • Stainless steel eye/face wash basin cover
  • Constant recirculation without any stagnant water held in uncirculated deadlegs
  • Facilitates elimination of high risk levels of Legionella bacteria
  • Facilitates elimination of excess temperature in dispensed water
  • Facilitates elimination of water loss from anti-scald valves
  • Axiom eye/face wash dispenser provides better dispersion and wash-out of eye contaminants
Manifold 32nb 316 stainless steel
Connections 32nb BSP bi-directional
Base Flange 230mm diam cast Base flange
Deluge piping 32nb SS standpipe and 25nb dispenser branch
Deluge Valve 25nb stainless steel 3-way valves with Teflon seals
Eye/face Wash Valve 15nb stainless steel 3-way valves with Teflon seals
Eye/Face Wash Bowl HAWS 280mm round SS bowl bright finish
Strainers/Filters Type 304 SS in-line 50×50 mesh strainer
Deluge Nozzle HAWS AXION MSR SS showerhead with
hydrodynamic design for even water distribution
throughout entire footprint of flow
Eye/Face Wash HAWS AXION MSR eye/face wash head with
inverted directional laminar flow which sweeps
contaminants away from vulnerable nasal cavities
Eye/face Wash Bowl Cover HAWS automatic SS dust cover
Physical Dimensions W100 x L100 x H110 cm
Weight 125 kg
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  • Appropriate safety precautions should be taken to prevent bacterial growth in pipework dead legs
  • Innovation patent pending