Safety Shower Tank Chiller TSC


Safety Shower Tank Chiller TSC

Heat Trap Tank Shower Chillers are self-contained units designed to cool large volumes of stored water used for emergency safety showers in hot environments.

  • Self-contained chiller attaches to the side of the tank shower
  • 10A single phase 24VAC power supply
  • 2.5KW cooling in 50oC ambient temperature
  • Cools 2,000L from 45oC and stores it at 25oC.

The Heat Trap Chillers are self-contained chilled water storage and supply system providing TEPID water to plumbed emergency safety showers and face/eye wash stations in hot environments.


Australian Standard AS4775 recommends a maximum water temperature for emergency safety showers and face/eye wash stations of 37.8ºC and a minimum delivery time of 15 minutes. TEPID water is defined as between 15ºC and 37.8ºC.


The Heat Trap TC00 Chillers are designed to enable the Tank Shower to provide TEPID water at a rate of up to 100 Liters/minute per shower with incoming potable feed water temperatures up to 47ºC.


The Heat Trap Chillers are free standing self- contained units which can be plumbed directly into the insulated tank shower. The chiller is connected with a single phase 10 amp 240V general purpose power outlet.

  • Standalone self-contained chilled water system for plumbed Tank eyewash safety showers.
  • Complies with Australian Standard AS4775 to provide TEPID water (between 15ºC and 37.8ºC) for facewash/eyebath facilities connected to potable water mains with supply temperatures up to 47ºC.
  • Built in recirculation cools the water in the tank.
  • Chilled water storage at 30ºC and recirculation of cooled UV sterilized water eliminates the deadlegs and restricts bacterial growth.
  • Single phase 10A 240V electrical supply.
  • Chilled water storage at 30ºC and recirculation of cooled water restricts bacterial growth.
  • Eliminates water wastage from anti-scald valves at emergency safety showers.
  • Chilled drinking water supply is available as an optional extra.
Chilled water storage temperature 3 0ºC ± 2ºC
Skid mount framing 20mm x 2mm SHS Duragalv steel
Refrigeration plant Heat Trap Solar + TCL
Refrigerant gas R410A
Refrigerant Separation Dual Stainless Steel / Copper heat exchangers
Temperature control STC 1000 digital thermostat
Circulating pumps Lowara Vario D5 shaftless magnetic drive
Recirculation fitting G 3⁄4”
Power consumption Maximum 4 amp
Maximum inlet pressure 650kPa
Physical Dimensions W750*L1,100*H800
Weight 75 kg
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  • Appropriate safety precautions should be taken to prevent bacterial growth in pipework dead legs.
  • Innovation patent pending.