Cool-Off Systems

Cool-Off Systems

FIFO work involves 12-hour shifts on mine sites with scalding hot temperatures, subpar accommodation environments and the specific challenges presented by Tropical Climates, such as a lack of access to uncooled water. In these conditions, workers’ overall wellbeing can easily be overlooked, resulting in high staff turnover and compromised productivity.

Our Cool-Off System resolves a fundamental problem with both working in and living in Tropical Climates, bringing access to water at whatever temperature is desired.

Benefits of Cool-Off Systems:

Cold showers are known to improve willpower, sharpen reflexes and soothe tired muscles, while also decreasing anxiety and depression and boosting our overall immune system. Workers can now enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a cold shower by adjusting the temperature of the water tap to their liking.

With the Heat Trap CO300MP Cool-Off System, your workers can readily turn the cold tap on full bore as it provides cold showers for up to 12 people twice a day with incoming water of up to 50°C, giving them the benefits of a huge kick of cold water simply by turning off the hot tap.

Our Cool-Off Systems can be installed as part of your existing infrastructure or as part of a new installation.

We have a variety of options depending on your needs and will work with you to design the best solution for your application.

Cool-Off Systems Products

Cool-Off CO300MP

Self-contained chilled water storage and supply system providing tepid and cooler water to ablution blocks and accommodation blocks.