Water Vest Chillers

Water Vest Chillers

High-temperature workplaces are often the reality in many industries across Australia. High ambient temperatures and high humidity can lead to an increase in the body’s core temperature as well as acute dehydration, severely detrimental to a person’s productivity, health and mental wellbeing.

Surpassing all expectations, our Water Vest Chiller is an incredible method of regulating body temperature and is effective at treating heat stress, bringing the body back down to the correct temperature from dangerous levels within minutes.

Benefits of Water Vest Chillers:

Temperature and humidity can reach well above the level where the body can discard metabolically generated heat. An inability to discard generated heat leads to an increase in core temperature, leading to depleted mental capacity and heat stroke as well as long-term effects of heat stress.


Water-Cooled Vests are an amazing way to support the regulation of body temperature for people working in hot environments and can have a significant impact on wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Our Water Vest Chiller units provide the recirculation of cool water to Water Cooled Vests, providing immediate temperature relief to personnel and improving their comfort.


Depending on the installation, our water-cooled vest solution can support workers across wide distances from a central chiller hub. Our recirculation technology ensures that water is recirculated within the entire system rather than set up for one-time-use.

Our Water Vest Chillers are designed to provide chilled water at a rate of up to 60L/hour per vest.

They are designed to be self-contained in order to provide the best solution for your application.

Water Vest Chiller Products

Water Vest Chiller WVC050

Self- contained chilled water storage and supply system providing chilled water to water-cooled vests for the workforce in hot environments.