Chilled Water Solutions

We support the mining industry with chilled water technologies that improve the productivity, safety and comfort of employees working in hot environments.

Safety Shower

Guarantee essential safety showers on site operate effectively every single time whilst also eliminating legionella, reducing maintenance requirements and banishing anti-scold device water wastage.

Cool Off Systems

Cooled water in insulated storage tanks ensures essential water supply for accommodation and home blocks.

Water Vest Chillers

Chilled water storage and supply system that offers workers water cooled vests that regulate body temperate for hot working environments.

Potable Water temperatures above 40C are a problem

Hot temperatures in Australia are a reality and in many locations the ambient heat is debilitating; significantly impacting people, their safety and their way of living and working.

  • Essential safety equipment stops working and becomes unsafe
  • Potable water wastage from antiscald valves increases
  • Dangerous bacteria flourishes in stagnant potable water lines
  • Health of individuals is impacted
  • Productivity suffers and workplace safety incidents increase
  • Staff comfort decreases and staff turnover increases

We have been working hard to change this. Our chilled water technology tackles the three significant concerns of individuals living and working in hot environments: safety, comfort and productivity.

Our safety shower recirculation technology ensures emergency safety showers will operate effectively every time whilst reducing maintenance requirements and eliminating Legionella bacteria and water wastage from anti-scald valves.

This same chiller technology cools showers in residential homes and accommodation on mine sites and helps regulate body temperature when in use with water cooled vests.

Contact us today to learn more about how chilled water technologies can improve the productivity, safety and comfort of your employees on site.

Hot water temperatures impacting your site? Work with our team to custom design a solution that guarantees safety and improves staff comfort.

If hot water temperatures are causing problems on your site, our team can support you to customise a solution and integrate our cooling products into your project. We have a specialist team that understands intimately how this technology provides success on a wide variety of projects.

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Case studies, research and facts from the Heat Trap team.


September 29, 2021

Safety Shower Recirculation Technology nominated as 2021 Work Health and Safety Invention of the Year Finalist

November 9, 2020

Managing excess temperature and high risk levels of Legionella bacteria in eyewash safety shower

1. Diagnose

Talk to our team about your problem. We help you get to the root cause of it.

2. Design

We work with you to design a solution using our technology and your planned or existing infrastructure to create the best cost-effective outcome.

3. Deliver

We manufacture and deliver the products and we can provide installation solutions if required.