Cool-Off Systems

FIFO workers are used to working 12-hour shifts on mine sites with scalding hot temperatures. Their experience on these mine sites may vary due to workers facing overheated climates, subpar accommodation environments and their overall wellbeing being overlooked can result in a high turnover of staff.

However, with Cool-off systems your workers can now enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a cold shower by adjusting the water temperature of the water tap to their liking. Cold showers are known to improve willpower, sharpen reflexes and soothe tired muscles, while also decreasing anxiety and depression and boosting our overall immune system.

With the Heat Trap CO300MP Cool-Off system, your workers can easily turn the cold tap on full bore as it provides cold showers for up to 12 people twice a day with incoming water of up to 50oC – meaning that they can get the benefits of the huge kick of cold water by simply turning off the hot tap water.

The Heat Trap Cool-Off Systems work to actively cool down the supply of water to showers, taps and other utilities so everyone can have access to cooler water temperatures when they need it. The Cool-Offs also significantly improve employee wellbeing thanks to the ability to properly cool down, take cold showers and have a choice over water temperature – a simple luxury all too often overlooked in tropical climates.


Cool-Off Systems

Our Cool-Off Systems can be installed as part of your existing infrastructure or as part of a new installation. We have a variety of options depending on your needs and will work with you to design the best solution for your application.

  • Self-contained chilled water storage
  • Single phase 10A 240V electrical supply

Self-contained chilled water storage and supply system providing tepid and cooler water to ablution blocks and accommodation blocks.

The Heat Trap CO300MP Cool-Offs are designed to provide tepid water at a rate of up to 50 Liters/minute with incoming potable water temperatures up to 47C.

COOL-OFF CO300MP Technical Data

Benefits of Cool-Off Systems

  • Supplies cold water to accommodation blocks
  • Provides comfort to the workforce in hot environments
  • Supplies cold showers for up to 12 people twice a day.
  • Recharge time of less than 5 hours
  • Large chilled water storage capacity
  • Cold showers have been shown to reduce sickness absenteeism by up to 29%

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