About Heat Trap

We support the mining industry with chilled water technologies to improve the productivity, safety and comfort of employees working in hot environments.

Heat Trap, established in 2011, is a WA company that provides innovative technical solutions to the mining industry to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of workers in Australia’s hottest climates.


We are a team of engineers, plumbers and technicians pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” and finding new ways of combining simple, cooling technology to further enhance safety and comfort for individuals working in harsh Australian climates.

Awards & Recognitions

1. Diagnose

Talk to our team about your problem. We help you get to the root cause of it.

2. Design

We work with you to design a solution using our technology and your planned or existing infrastructure to create the best cost-effective outcome.

3. Deliver

We manufacture and deliver the products and we can provide installation solutions if required.