Eyewash Safety Showers won’t ever scald, Water Vest Chillers to keep workers cool without sweating, and Cool-Off Systems for cold showers.



Eyewash Safety Showers won’t ever scald, Water Vest Chillers to keep workers cool without sweating, and Cool-Off Systems for cold showers.


Specialised Cooling Solutions for Hot Working Environments

Heat Trap are boosting productivity, improving workplace conditions, and ensuring compliance with Safety Standards despite the challenges of tropical climates.

Join us as we make vital and long-overdue changes in industries ranging from mining to medical. Our innovative cooling technologies ensure optimal temperature control and are tailored to the unique needs of each sector we serve.

Safety Showers are essential pieces of equipment on site’s that manage hazardous materials

But their safety and effectiveness depend on proper temperature management, flow and the maintenance of sterilization. High ambient temperatures can not only render safety showers useless but also turn these safeguards into serious hazards, with workers at risk of being scalded or infected with Legionella bacteria.


With our systems, water in your safety showers will always be safe, at the correct temperature, at the correct rate of flow, and comply with Australian and International Safety Standards.

Benefits of Safety Shower Chiller:

Cool-Off Systems

FIFO work involves 12-hour shifts on mine sites with scalding hot temperatures, subpar accommodation environments and the specific challenges presented by Tropical Climates, such as a lack of access to uncooled water. In these conditions, workers’ overall wellbeing can easily be overlooked, resulting in high staff turnover and compromised productivity.

Our Cool-Off System resolves a fundamental problem with both working in and living in Tropical Climates, bringing access to water at whatever temperature is desired.

Benefits of Cool-Off Systems:

Water Vest Chillers

High-temperature workplaces are often the reality in many industries across Australia. High ambient temperatures and high humidity can lead to an increase in the body’s core temperature as well as acute dehydration, severely detrimental to a person’s productivity, health and mental wellbeing.


Surpassing all expectations, our Water Vest Chiller is an incredible method of regulating body temperature and is effective at treating heat stress, bringing the body back down to the correct temperature from dangerous levels within minutes.

Benefits of Water Vest Chillers:


Dependable Solutions You Can Trust

Our Safety Shower Continuous Circulation Water Supply Systems are engineered to deliver reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.


Our Result Proven Process


Through consultation and onside audits, our team will draw on industry experience to identify your specific needs and resolve the root cause of your problems


Tailor-made and cost-effective solutions, using our wide-range of options to adapt to your infrastructure


From initial consultation to after-sales support, we manufacture and test, deliver and follow up to ensure your problems are resolved


We are a team of engineers, plumbers, and technicians developing innovative water cooling solutions

Safety Shower Chiller SC300LP

Self-contained chilled water storage and supply system providing TEPID water to plumbed emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations in hot environments.

Cool-Off CO300MP

Self-contained chilled water storage and supply system providing tepid and cooler water to ablution blocks and accommodation blocks.

Water Vest Chiller WVC050

Self- contained chilled water storage and supply system providing chilled water to water-cooled vests for the workforce in hot environments. 


We support the mining industry with chilled water technology that improves the productivity, safety , and comfort of your people in hot environments.

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Karratha 6 Mile Project

Heat Trap Solutions played a pivotal role in enhancing worker safety and operational productivity at the Rio Tinto Rail operations

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Lab Chiller, Tank and VFD Pump

At the Telfer mine, one of the most remote sites operated by Newcrest Mining, Heat Trap Solutions provided a comprehensive cooling

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Moomba Gas Plant

For Santos at the Moomba Gas Plant, Heat Trap Solutions delivered a significant upgrade with the introduction of specialised cooling systems

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What our Clients Say

What industries do you serve?

We provide innovative water cooling solutions for a range of industries including mining, medical, and other critical environments where temperature control is essential for safety and productivity.

Our cooling systems are designed for minimal maintenance. Continuous circulation systems eliminate stagnant water and reduce bacteria growth, which in turn lowers the need for frequent maintenance. We also offer fully flushed and self-draining systems to save on maintenance time and costs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and after-sales service for all our products. Our team of engineers, plumbers, and technicians is available to assist with installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your cooling systems.

Yes, our cooling solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of different industries and specific site requirements. We collaborate with our clients to design and implement custom solutions that enhance safety and productivity.

You can get a free consultation by contacting us at 1300 722 715 or [email protected]. Our team will diagnose your problem, design a cost-effective solution using our technology and your infrastructure, and deliver the products along with installation solutions if needed.

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Heat Trap Solutions Pty Ltd supports the mining industry with cooled water technologies that improve the productivity, safety and comfort of employees working in hot environments.